We’ve put together the answers to many of the questions we are often asked, to give you more information about Townsville Academy of Performing Arts (TAPA) and the way the studio operates.

If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please email us or use the Contact Us page.

Enrolments can be taken by:-
Phone: (07) 4723 2101 (during office hours) or

Click on New Enrollment on our dance classes page on our website

A high standard of behaviour, grooming and regular attendance is expected from all students. TAPA uniform is compulsory (available from TAPA Studio ONLY). To learn correct posture, technique and placement, it is necessary for ALL students to wear correct dance attire, the TAPA uniform. This also includes correctly fitted footwear to support the feet and hair worn up, away from the face, neat and tidy.

NO watches or jewellery to be worn in class…NO access to phones in class – NO exceptions!

TAPA do not hold classes on public holidays, as all public holidays are deducted from your term fees. However, classes are still held on pupil-free days, as not all schools share the same pupil-free days.

Term fees are due at the commencement of the new term.

  • TAPA provides a 10% fee reduction if term fees are PAID BY THE ADVERTISED DATE
  • TAPA provides a further 10% fee reduction if your child/children attend 5 or more classes per week and term fees are PAID IN FULL AND RECEIVED.
  • The term fee schedule is ALWAYS available from reception and fees are able to be paid by CASH, EFTPOS or DIRECT DEPOSIT.
  • For every 30 days, the account remains outstanding, a $30.00 administration fee charge will be incurred and added to the invoice. Enrolment WILL be cancelled if fees are outstanding and legal action WILL be taken.

We welcome students to start classes in our READY SET DANCE program from 2 years of age, depending upon their maturity and readiness. This award-winning program has been designed to give pre-school children confidence, co-ordination and creativity in a safe, professional environment…with a major emphasis on FUN!

Whilst examinations are not compulsory at TAPA, we do highly recommend students from ages 7/8 consider them, as the process assists with proper development and allows students to move up to the next grade safely. Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet and Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD) Tap and Jazz examinations are conducted annually at TAPA. If students do not feel comfortable or ready to take an exam however, we fully support their decision and will encourage them to think about it for the following year.

Exams are designed to motivate and encourage students of all ages and levels of ability, through a systematic measurement of progress and attainment and provide students with an important and achievable goal to work towards. Studying for a dance exam also promotes discipline and commitment within the studio environment; a skill benefiting more than just the dance world!

We have found that social media is a great way to keep students and parents up to date with the latest news.

  • Firstly, our private BAND groups. Each class has their own private BAND groups that allow parents to stay up to date with all important information as well as stay involved with their child’s progression in that class. At the beginning of the year, or upon enrollment, an Invite is sent out via a QR code that allows you access to your BAND group.
  • Secondly, our newsletter, TAPA Times, is also one of the best ways to be kept informed of the happenings at the studio.
    Please register your email address upon enrolment annually, or via the website to receive a copy of the newsletter.
  • Thirdly, but no less important, LIKE us on our public Facebook pageTAPA’ and/or Instagram pagetapa_studio’ to engage with our regular updates. You can even leave us an encouraging message!

If your child is going to be absent or miss a class, please contact the studio administration, at your earliest convenience:-

Email: or
Phone: (07) 4723 2101 and leave a message if unattended.

There are no allowances against fees or make up classes for late returns or absence during terms.

If at any stage you or your child wishes to cancel their enrolment, you will be required to advise our office administration two weeks’ written notice in advance, by emailing:
Please be aware that when enrolling your child in a class, by default they will be enrolled in that class for the full year.

The preferred method is by installing and using the app called BAND. Each class has their own personal band group where parents can communicate with teachers, ask questions and receive videos and photos from classes during the week. BAND allows parents to receive all information necessary for performances as well as dress-up and display classes.

CCTV cameras and recording equipment are active at TAPA and active classes can be viewed from the foyer. However, due to privacy requirements, CCTV live viewings CANNOT be recorded by any member of the public and if witnessed, the offender/s WILL be asked to cease.

This year TAPA has introduced a Mid-Year Showcase, an informal concert that gives parents, other family members and friends an insight into what the students have learnt in their class/es throughout the first half of the year. We know how much our students enjoy dancing on stage and trust that this will become a regular annual highlight.

All students may participate in our end of year concert, the highlight of our dance year held annually at the Townsville Civic Theatre and is the culmination of the year’s learning.

Students are provided with the opportunity and encouraged to participate in the Townsville and near regional Eisteddfods in solo and group items, as per their teachers’ advice.

Some students are invited to participate as a member of our Performance Team, where TAPA has been invited to perform for many community and charity events; opportunities we welcome for our students to shine for the general public.