Dance Adjustments

Are you experiencing constant pain in your back when you are dancing? Are you not balancing as well as you used to?

Maybe the problem is that your spine is out of alignment or your pelvis is not level. The body’s foundation is formed by the pelvic girdle. When this bony structure consisting of hip bones and the lower bones of the back is level, there will be maximum balance and stability in the spinal column.

When the pelvic girdle or any of the vertebrae (bones making up the spinal column) become tilted or rotated out of their proper position, dramatic changes may occur in the body. Generally, misaligned vertebrae in the spine are easily recognised, particularly those in the upper portion of the vertebral column. However, less easily found and often overlooked are misalignments in the foundation or lower portions of the spine. The ability to recognise and correct these misalignments forms an integral part of the Gonstead Method of Chiropractic Analysis.

After a complete analysis, a Gonstead chiropractor is ready to deliver any necessary adjustments. The focus of the Gonstead adjustment is to be as specific, precise and accurate as possible, addressing only the problem areas (areas of subluxation). Great care is taken to ensure a bio-mechanically correct position and precise thrust to provide the most accurate and painless adjustment possible. Your Gonstead doctor aims to restore and maintain optimal health by locating and correcting any interference to the nervous system caused by vertebral subluxation and the goal of every Gonstead practitioner is to “do the least to achieve the most”.

If this is of interest to you, you may wish to discuss this further with Dr. Nathan Bridge from Chiropractic Works (Cairns), or Dr. David Leach from New Farm Chiropractic (Brisbane) who regularly visits Townsville, or else you may find your nearest Gonstead practitioner here.

**Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.

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